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Starliterags Cattery has been breeding and raising Ragdolls since 1992.  I recently moved to a quiet country home in Plover Wisconsin.  The entire lower level of my home has been converted into a new cattery for my Ragdolls.  It is complete with two nurseries for kittens, walk-in stud condos, and a large play area for the queens.  I'm very pleased that my Ragdolls have a state of the art cattery to call home.

 A private birthing area is provided for new/expectant mothers.  There is also a junior nursery and playroom for weaned kittens while they are awaiting their new home.  Our breeder males each have their own "bachelor pad", fully equipped with all the necessities of life and some of the luxuries too!  All of our Ragdolls are well cared for.  They are given lots of love and attention, fed the highest quality foods, and receive the best veterinary care.  We consider our Ragdolls a part of our family and treat them as such.

Our kittens are handled from day one, in-order to give you a kitten that is well socialized, and has an outgoing personality.  No scaredy cats around here!  Each kitten is given plenty of hugs and kisses, and played with and held each day.  This special loving attention insures that the new owners will receive a confident, people oriented affectionate kitten.   What we have to offer our clients:  We have an excellent written health guarantee.  Our Ragdolls are guaranteed to be free from congenital and hereditary defects.  They are also guaranteed not to have FIP, FIV and Feline Lukemia.  They will be free from parasites, such as fleas, earmites, and worms.  We give our kittens two vaccinations for 3-way distemper before leaving here.  As a special service to our clients we provide spaying and neutering for all kittens sold as pets.

Our Goals.    Here at Starliterags Cattery, it is our goal to breed Ragdolls the way they were meant to be.....Gentle Giants with outstanding personalities.  A teddy bear that purrs!  Special emphasis is placed on health, personality and size and of course great looks too! We offer Ragdoll kittens in the traditional colors of Seal, Chocolate, Blue and Lilac.  Non traditional colors of Flame, Cream, Tortie, Torbie, and Lynx are also available.  All of these colors are available in Colorpoint, Mitted, and Bicolor patterns.  For the health and well being of our cats we operate a closed cattery and do not offer stud service.