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Vaccination Instructions ~ Starliterags                     

Kittens receive maternal antibodies from their mother's milk.  These antibodies protect young kittens from disease.  If you vaccinate a kitten that is still nursing these maternal antibodies will block the vaccine, rendering it useless.  Since vaccination is a medical procedure there is always risk of an allergic reaction, be it mild or severe, it could result in death due to anaphylaxis shock.  For these reasons we are no longer vaccinating nursing kittens.  We will give the kitten one vaccination at 11-12 weeks of age, after it is weaned. 

Your kitten will be given the following vaccine:  Fel-O-Guard Plus 3.  This is a modified live virus vaccine with no adjuvant.  It protects against: Panleukopenia, Rhinotraceitis, and Calcivirus.

We are then recommending that you give one booster of Fel-O-Guard Plus 3 at 16 weeks of age or older.  If your veterinarian does not have that brand of vaccine, make sure to ask if the 3-way vaccine is adjuvant free. Adjuvants have been know to cause vaccination site sarcomas (a very deadly form of cancer).  *After the 16 week booster, your kitten should have life-time immunity and will not need to be vaccinated ever again.  If you are worried that your animal does not have immunity, your vet can due titer testing to measure immunity.

We recommend an indoor only life-style for your kitten and it will be at extremely low risk to catch anything.  Vaccinating your cat over and over does NOT offer it any more protection.  It puts your cat at risk for anaphylaxis, kidney damage, auto-immune disease, and can actually shorten the life of your animal.

Absolutely NO Vaccines for Feline Leukemia, FIV or FIP.  Feline Leukemia is extremely difficult to catch, most cats have a natural immunity at one year of age.  The Feline Leukemia vaccine has only proven to be 40% effective, and is linked with vaccination site sarcomas(a very deadly form of cancer).  Any cat vaccinated with the Feline Leukemia vaccine will always test positive for the disease.  FIV vaccines are new and basically still experimental, and have not proven safe.  FIP vaccine has been known to cause FIP in some animals.

Rabies Vaccine:  If required by law, or you feel that you must give this vaccine for the protection of your family. Rabies is transmissible to humans and is deadly. Odds are that an indoor only cat is not going to get rabies. You must weigh the risks carefully and decide for yourself.  If you can wait until your kitten is one year old, it will be able to tolerate the vaccine better.  Merial Purevax has a 3 year rabies non-adjuvanted vaccine.

Please note.   Failure to follow vaccination guidelines will void your health warranty.