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       Available Kittens ~ Updated  OCTOBER 11,  2016


Hello Friends!  Due to continued problems with this website crashing I have built a new website, and will eventually remove this website. 

For updated photos of kittens and prices please go to:

~Jaxon~ Chocolate Mitted Male.  Excellent eye color, evenly matched mittens and boots.  He is a BIG kitten and should be a BIG adult.  Gentle, calm, and loving personality ready mid/end of September.  Priced at $950 includes neuter/shots.


~Joy~ Chocolate Point Female.  Excellent eye color, soft plush coat.  Super sweet, loving, gentle kitten.  She will be ready early October. I will spay when I get a deposit. Priced at $1200 spay/shots are included. More photos available.



~Toffee~ Seal Mitted Female.  Beautiful little girl!  A white muzzle and a dark nose makes this kitten very unique.   Super sweet and affectionate, with an outgoing personality.  Little lap kitty.  Priced at $950/spay/shots included.  Ready around mid October. More photos available on request.

~Mr. Biggs~ Chocolate Mitted Male.  Evenly matched mittens and boots with a cute white blaze on the nose.  Excellent eye color, LARGE kitten, nice boning and size, he should be a BIG adult. Priced at $950 Neuter/shots included ready around the end of September. 

***PLEASE NOTE: I HAVE A  NO DECLAW POLICY.  I feel very strongly about this so please do not purchase a kitten from me if you intend to declaw.   

 Early reservation is appreciated. 

 Reserving a kitten is easy!  Please leave a deposit of $100 via paypal to reserve a kitten. Please include the 3% paypal fee with your deposit.  The paypal fee is $3.50 per $100 sent.  You don't need a paypal account to send a deposit, just have a credit card ready.    A deposit holds the kitten specifically for you, this means I will turn away other buyers, so the deposit is 100% non-refundable. Thank you.