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 Available Kittens   ~   Updated on August 8th, 2012.

Hello Friends!   Boy oh boy do I have kittens!  Thanks to a fabulous litter of eight!  These kittens are excellent quality, in a wide variety of colors/patterns.   More pictures are available on request.  Please don't delay, adopt while they are little.  I will offer discounts on two kittens purchased together. 

~ Skipper ~  Chocolate Mitted Male. This pretty boy  has perfectly matched mittens, a white blaze on his nose and a cute white tail tip.   He has the awesome laid back gentle Ragdoll personality.  This is a large kitten with exceptional boning, and should be a BIG adult.  If you want a beautiful kitten that will be a large sweet teddy bear this is it!   Neutered/vaccinated and ready now!   $695

~ Merry ~   Seal Mitted Female.  Merry has a very unique color/pattern, technically she is a seal mitted, but she also has a wide blaze on the face and it gives her the look of a bicolor.  Breeders call this pattern a "Mitted Bicolor".   She is a bicolor + mitted all in one!   She will be a stunning adult!    She is priced at $750 spaying/shots are included.   Ready now!

                                                          ~ Close-up of Merry



 "Willow"   ~   Blue Bicolor Male

 This beautiful boy is very nicely marked and is very sweet and friendly.   He loves to play, and is outgoing.  He has a cute white diamond on his back.  He will be ready around the end of July.  I'm asking $750 neuter/shots are included.


                       ~ Suzy ~  Lilac Mitted Female.

 This pretty girl has a white blaze of the nose.  She is outgoing and friendly.  She loves to play and is a real sweetheart.  She will be ready to go around the end of July.  She is priced at $750 spay/shots are included.




                 ~ Snowy ~ Lilac Lynx Bicolor Male.

This is a beautiful boy, snowy white coat and nicely marked perfect almond shaped eyes with very nice eye color.  Gentle kitty playful and affectionate.  Ready near the end of July $750 neuter/shots included.


~ Patches~  Blue Bicolor Female.
   This pretty girl has deep blue eye color, beautiful coat and conformation.  She has a cute little smudge on the face, that makes her look quite appealing.  She will be ready early August.   Sweet, friendly and adorable!    Asking $750 spay/shots are included.
                           ~ Close-up of Patches~


~ Squeeks ~  Chocolate Mitted Female. 
This pretty girl has perfectly matched mittens, and a cute little swirly blaze on the nose.  A sparkling white coat and very nice eye color.   She is big for a girl, and so very much fun, playful and loves to be held.   She will be ready end of July or early August.   Asking $750 spaying /shots are included.


~ Whisper ~  Chocolate Bicolor Male.  
This beautiful kitten has wonderful eye color, super soft plush coat, and lots of sweet loveable personality.  He will be ready early August.  $850 neuter/shots included.

                                       ~ Whisper~   Taking me home???


Reserving a kitten is easy!   Please leave a deposit  of $100 via paypal.



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