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Satisfied Customers

Hello Friends.  If you'd like to have your Ragdoll featured  here please email me a picture of you and your family with your Ragdoll, along with a short paragraph about him/her.  Thankyou!

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I purchased my first Ragdoll from Ann and was so taken by him that I went back to get one more.  My boys are everything that Ragdolls are supposed to be....huge, sweet cats that follow me everywhere! I would highly recommend a Ragdoll from Ann.  We love them!  *Camille Fedele


.....I'm just so in love with this cat and I couldn't just pick a few pictures to show you. I will have to take a picture of us together so you can post it on the pets page. He's grown up so much and is the sweetest cat I've EVER owned (and I've owned 85 total over my lifetime...used to live on a farm lol). Thanks so much for him...I couldn't be happier :)
~*Amanda Lamm- Feltman*~


.......The kitten sleeps with Joe and I all night every night. She is so loving and cuddly and purrs just about any time you pick her up. We are so glad we decided to take her!

 Jenn and Joe Quinn and daughter Amy


.Pictured here is Beamer (Front)-Seal Mitted Lynx.   In back is Deuce- Seal Bicolor.    Beamer and Deuce have found a happy home with Mike and Michelle Keller.
...Belle was everything a Ragdoll should be; kind and docile, not too mention big & beautiful.  It was an easy decision to get another kitten from Ann.  Now we have Kugar who just turned one year old.  They get along well and are wonderful family members.  I guess sometimes you can choose your family!  *Jessica & Mike Linsten

Gracie - Chocolate Bicolor.  Owned and loved by Faye Slizewski
Thank you, Ann, for breeding such an amazing cat!  Merlin has brought more joy to me in the past 4 years than I can measure.  I am also proud to say that Merlin is now a weekly visitor to the Jones-Harrison Residence and he is brightening the lives of everyone he meets.  Merlin is special beyond belief and I am proud to say that he is my boy!  With this e-mail I wanted to let you know that Merlin is a new Delta Pet Partner and he is really making a
difference in people's lives.  You should be very proud of the cats you
produce because they have amazing temperaments! 

(Merlin is a certified therapy animal)

Vanessa Ervin

...... First I would like to thank Gracie's mom, Faye S.  Faye was kind enough to lead me to Ann and her wonderful Ragdolls.  Harley, or Miss Harley as we call her on days she is truly the queen, has become the ultimate "big sister" to little brother Dash.  They may not have the same Cat parents, but once my husband and I adopted them they became siblings.  We love them dearly, and they became close within just a few days.  Now their favorite toy is a Nike shoe box.  They take turns hiding in it or under it. Harley doesn't seem to realize how big and beautiful she has become.  She thinks Dash can't see her under the box.  Her big fluffy tail gives her away everytime.  Dash thinks her tail is a kitten's dream toy. All I can say is who needs TV!  Thanks again for the wonderful cats Ann.  Debbie

Harley and Dash, owned and loved by Debbie Kufahl.

          Fiona (pictured here on the counter infront)

 ......They all get along marvelously. Fiona is clearly the
boss. She will completely take over Sophie's bed
whether Sophie's in it or not. She seems to dominate
the cats' food bowls as well. I've even caught her
stealing biscuits right out from under the dog's nose!......*Kim Shaw

Hi Ann!
Here is an updated photo of 'Monti', the blue mitted male we adopted back in July.  He is now 6 months old and weighs 9 lbs!  As you can see, he is just beautiful!  We love him so much and he's getting along very well with our other two kitties.
Jeff and Jill Noblitt    
...As you can see Oliver is gorgeous!  People can't get over what a beautiful cat he is, and they fall in love with his laid back personality.   He remains my personal little buddy!  He's like a puppy dog....follows me everywhere I go.  He comes when I call him, sleeps with me, waits outside the shower for me, and wakes me up by licking my face.  (Oliver celebrates his first Birthday.)  *Lisa Millard
Meeko has just turned one year old and has been a great addition to our family, he is just amazing!  He is so sweet and follows me everywhere I go.  He gets along well with the rest of our pets, and they have become good friends.  I will have to tell you though that Meeko's favorite thing to do is go for car rides.  He loves to watch the action out the window.  Thanks so much for Meeko, he is all that we hoped he would be!

The Knuesel Family

They are so big.  We absolutely adore them.  I never imagined they would steal my heart like they have.  We are so happy to have them.  They are the perfect kittens - so smart and fun loving.  The little girl - SaMi is so brave and tries anything.  CaBo loves to pose and have his picture taken.  They still play together and sometimes sleep in the same kitty bed.  Most of the time they sleep with us!

Thank you so much for the treasures you gave us!

Debbie and Jay Holt

I have to tell you how much I love my cat I got from you. He waits for me by the door when I'm gone and cries by the bedroom door if we go to bed without him.  He has to sleep touching me.  He fetches rolled pieces of paper for as long as I throw them.  If I forget to throw for awhile he will find a flat piece of paper and bring it to me or follow me around until I throw it.  I have had  many, many cats in my life but never one that has so quickly become so special.  He is only 7 months old but he is perfect.  He is beautiful.  Just wanted to thank you and I don't think I'll ever buy any other breed of cat again

Thanks Lucy Cowling and Loverboy

Well Ann, we think he's just the greatest cat. We couldn't have picked a better fit for us. He has gained about a pound since coming home, so  eating has not been a problem. My 5 yr old grand daughter loves him  and he is so gentle with her. I've had the pleasure of waking up with  him in my face purring to beat the band, not a bad way to wake up.  Here's a picture of Finn in his favorite spot. He likes to watch the  clock for a while then he rolls over and goes to sleep.

Charlie and June East
Lakeville, MN

This is Lily and Abbey.  Ragdolls can get along fabulously with dogs.  Two best friends taking a nap.  I can't remember who the owners are. Please contact me if you want your name included here. 
Starliterags Romeo (on right) wins big at his first show at the county fair!  Champion and Reserve Champion for Best of Show.  Owner Sabyn Rudolph.  Indiana.

Starlite Rags
Ann Lang

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