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I have been successfully shipping kittens for 20 years.  I can ship to your nearest airport anywhere in the US.   I ship Delta Cargo and have been very satisfied with the service they provide.  The price for shipping is between $350(Delta Cargo) - and up to $475 for(Delta Dash).  The cost of shipping includes: airfare (Delta Cargo or Dash), a veterinary health certificate (required to fly), an airline approved kennel with a fleece pad, food and toys are attached to the kennel.  I also work in a fee to cover transportation costs to the airport(gas).  

Please note, I have no control over shipping costs.  Shipping is more work for me, and I don't make any extra money on it.  This is a service I provide for my clients. Delta Dash is Delta's premium service and is required for some destinations where there may be limited connections.  Shipping costs continue to rise and are subject to change. I do not ship internationally.


The kitten and shipping must be paid for in full prior to shipping and there is an extra fee for paypal charges if you are paying via paypal.   Paypal fees are 3%.

I make all the arrangements all you need to do is pick-up the kitten.  Shipping is safe, there are restrictions in severe weather, but in most cases I can work around that.  

If you are in state where the temps are very hot in the summer, like Texas for example, please order your kitten in the late fall or winter months.  Please contact me if you have any questions.  Phone (715)340-3435 or email: 

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