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The Ragdoll has an exceptionally gentle, well balanced temperament.  It wants to be where you are, and will follow you everywhere.  It is intelligent, playful and affectionate.  It will easily adapt to other cats, dogs, children and adults.  This responsive cat may with training go for a walk on a leash, or ride bedside you in a car.  Some Ragdolls will fetch a favorite toy tossed in play, and will bring it back to you time and time again.


The Ragdoll is an irresistibly huggable cat, growing exceptionally large and heavy.  Full size and color are not to be expected for at least four years.  Males may reach fifteen pounds or more, and females will weigh about five pounds less and be a few inches shorter.  The fur is long and silky, and low matting.  It flows into a luxurious ruff around the neck.  The Ragdoll has feathery pantaloons on the back legs, and a fluffy tail.  It has tufts of fur in the ears and between the toes.  The Ragdoll also has a large furry muscle pendant on the abdomen, often referred to as the "fatty pad".  Adding to the Ragdolls charm are it's large, oval, deep blue eyes.


 The Ragdoll comes in three patterns:  colorpoint, mitted, and bicolor, each offer different degrees of white. Colors include, seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, flame and cream all available in either the colorpoint, mitted, or bicolor pattern.  Recently breeders have added lynx points and tortie points to these colors/patterns.  As you can see there is a quite a large variety of colors/pattens to choose from in this beautiful breed!

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