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I am against the practice of declawing. Please do not purchase a kitten from me if you intend to declaw.                      

Ragdolls are a gentle breed of cat and will not purposely scratch anyone.  They are very careful to keep their claws retracted when you pick them up and hold them.  Most kittens learn how to control their claws at an early age when play wrestling with litter mates.  There is no need to declaw a kitten in order to protect your children from a scratch.  Instead teach your children how to properly handle and hold a kitten.

Provide several scratching posts so your cat will not use your furniture.  

Your cat is not being bad when it scratches.  Scratching is a necessary behavior to keep the claws in  good condition.  Scratching removes the outer sheath of the claw, underneath is a shiny new one.  Scratching behavior also conditions the muscles, throughout the body, keeping your kitty toned and healthy.  Cats also scratch to mark territory.  The wonderful thing about Ragdolls is that they are easily trained to use the scratching post. 

Since declawing is such a complicated issue I'm asking you to please click on the link below, it will take you to the American Humane Society's website. 


The American Humane Society is opposed to Declawing. To learn more about declawing please CLICK HERE.

Declawing is an amputation procedure, the toe is removed at the first joint.  It is extremely painful for the animal.  The procedure can cause behavior and litter box  issues.  Look at this beautiful paw. How much are you willing to cut off for your convenience?